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Why choose dox2U?

We are
not Google Drivenot DropBoxdox2U

dox2U is purpose built to manage documents and be more than a generic storage solution that silos your information.

Benefits of Document Management System (DMS)

Pocket Friendly

While other DMSs can be heavy on your pocket, dox2U doesn’t break the bank and offers various subscription plans, including a perpetually free plan, tailored to your needs. You don’t even need to share your credit card details.

Document handling

Team Oriented

The current DMS solutions often end up segregating your information into silos. This is not the case with dox2U! We store all your information in a common, accessible space giving you full control over it!

Text extraction

Smarter than ever

Our advanced text extraction capabilities have made working on your docs using dox2U much easier! By converting data locked on paper into workable digital content, we bring you a solution that’s much more advanced.

Manage Documents with dox2U

Simply put, manage documents better

  • dox2U provides you with key functionality to manage your documents more easily and efficiently.

  • Thanks to our digital replication of a filing cabinet, dox2U’s Smart Cabinet, you can now use filters to quickly locate the files you need.

  • With easy upload, edit, and share, dox2U has taken doc management to a whole new dimension!

  • With granular settings like setting naming conventions, say goodbye to documents that outline how to organize your “drive.”

What sets us apart from others?

We are simply the best document management system, and we do
not say it just for the sake of it!


We’re a DIY Solution

Built to make DMSs mainstream and not just for large enterprises anymore, setting up dox2U is extremely easy. Just sign up in 3 easy steps, invite your team members, upload your first few docs and you’re all set. Getting onto dox2U is as easy as signing up for an email account.

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Create Workspace with dox2U
Get Started with dox2U

We’re built for everyone

With zero requirements for additional customizations and expensive plug-ins, we are a one-fit-for-all model for all types of firms. Along with features that are useful for you regardless of your team’s size, industry, or use case, we even offer a plan that is free-forever. At dox2U, we truly believe that the sky's the limit; we’re always trying to build to help you achieve more.

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