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Text Extraction

Liberate data from paper and images with dox2U's intelligent Text Extraction engine

dox2U facilitates seamless work on both text and image-based documents.

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Text Extraction

Powered by Optical Character Recognition( OCR Optical Character Recognition (OCR) recognizes & converts text from images and presents it in a usable format. It is commonly used to recognize printed text in scanned documents and images. / ICR Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) is an additional layer of AI over OCR technologies that supports advanced character recognition such as handwritten text from image files. ), dox2U’s innovative text extraction engine lets you convert any piece of text that is locked on a physical sheet of paper into a workable digitized format

Intelligent Recognition

Language is not a barrier!

Upload a document with unstructured, non-tangible data and get it converted to useful information regardless of the language. In fact, we support more than 160 of them!

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Get the most out of your data!

dox2U converts your static data into formats that bring value to you. Download the extracted text or search, copy and manipulate data from scanned images and PDFs


dox2U: offering unparalleled intelligence

With additional layers of intelligence built on top of OCR , dox2U’s text extraction engine provides highly accurate results. Just upload your doc and we’ll instantly take care of the rest.

online document management system
dms document management system

Hand writing recognition

dox2U’s implementation of Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) can recognize handwritten text from documents and convert them to digital content faciltating further processing..