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Smart Cabinet

Silo-free document management with dox2u’s Smart Cabinet

dox2U’s Smart Cabinet is here to revolutionize the way you think of document management, forever!

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What makes Smart Cabinet the next BIG thing?

Electronic Cabinet

Electronic Cabinet

Can other solutions give you a physical-cabinet-like capability, which is not only smart but also lets you work like you’re used to?

Easy navigation

Easy Navigation

Can you easily navigate and locate through hundreds and thousands of documents just like you’re scrolling through physical files in a cabinet?

Pinpoint documents

One-click Retrieval

Can you reach a specific file that you consider important, without having to recall their names and other information?

Discover the unique offerings of Smart Cabinet

dox2U redefines search with Faceted Precision


Retrieval made easy!

Use our unique multi-level nested filters to narrow down your document retrieval; just like you do while shopping online on your favorite e-commerce site

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dms document management system

Holistic View of Workspace

Unlike other solutions and digital repositories, info within dox2U is not segregated in folders, rather it can be structured dynamically as you choose to see it

Break down silos

Common pool of information

dox2U has been engineered upon creating a common repository for all documents and not have information siloed for each individual; what gets in becomes part of your information warehouse

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Improved Cabinet

Faceted precision made simpler

dox2U enhances organizational cohesion, breaking down silos with an improved Smart Cabinet experience. Expanded filter options and a dedicated Tally Cabinet revolutionize document management. Finding what you need from thousands of documents is now just a click away!

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