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Problems we are solving

Paper Debt is a mess and
continues to be so

Document Management Problems

What are the common problems with paper documents?


Paper documents are hard to manage, and even harder to retrieve. This causes frustration and brings about non-productivity in dynamic workflows.

dox2U has the solution

With advanced filter capabilties and precise search technology, dox2U makes retrieval of documents easy; letting you access any file that you need the most at a given time.

Save time


Organizations fill up files and cabinets at a high pace, without actually realizing it. This exhausts their expensive real estate which could have been otherwise used productively.

dox2U has the solution

With zero requirements of storing your important documents in a physical space, dox2U provides the functionality of Smart Cabinet which helps you organize your files seamlessly.

Easy Retrieval


It is simply impossible to control unwanted pilferage and leakage of information with paper documents. You cannot control who gets to access your confidential data.

dox2U has the solution

With bank-grade security and granular access controls, dox2U ensures that all your important and confidential information remains in your control at all times. This automatically prevents the risk of any kind of damage and data leak.

Information Security

Document management problems and their solutions

Entry Barriers

Legacy On-Prem DMS solutions require expensive customizations, high CAPEX, cumbersome setup and deployment; making DMS out of reach for smaller teams.


dox2U is a ready-to-use DMS. All you have to do is sign up and create a Workspace, much like you do while signing up for your e-mail account.

Rigidly non-generic

Why should you have to change your business process to align with a solution you are looking to implement? Most DMS solutions would need you to undergo process changes to use them effectively.

Generic DMS

Unlike existing DMS solutions, dox2U is highly configurable, and easily adapts to varying workflows, making it an easily accessible solution.

High Maintenance

Most existing DMS solutions create a high operational overhead either by way of additional personnel required to maintain it or by way of high Annual Maintenance Charges payable to vendor.


dox2U does not require any external customizations or consultancy for operations and running. Hence it cuts on unnecessary charges.

Missing intelligence

Existing DMS’s lack in adoption of newer technologies bringing in additional AI capabilities to process data and provide meaningful insights to help improve your business processes and decision making.

An Intelligent Solution

Having closely integrated capabilities like Text Extraction, Smart Cabinet and Deep Search, followed by machine learning based insights, dox2U is simply ahead of the existing DMS solutions