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Document Management has never been easier!

Leave the management of all your documents to dox2U. Upload, verify, tag, edit, and distribute your work easily.

document handling system

Streamline your document upload process

  • Upload docs from your device onto dox2U swiftly and in bulk numbers.

  • Assign team-mates who approve uploaded documents before adding them to your workspace.

  • dox2U supports a variety of image-based and editable formats.

Upload Document Process
document handling

Seamlessly organize your documents using tags

  • Add unique tags to each doc, making them easier to retrieve.

  • Create custom templates for tagging that can be used by your entire team.

  • dox2U’s flexible tagging infrastructure allows you to add custom dropdowns, text or date-type meta tags to your document.


Collaborate with your team and do your best work

  • Share documents with team members, groups or everyone in your workspace.

  • Easily keep a track of activities on each shared doc.

  • Share documents with external guests without needing them to sign up for your workspace.

Upload Document Process
document handling

Retrieve documents at your fingertips!

  • Search for your docs easily through its name or even the smallest bits of content.

  • Filter through countless documents and get to the doc you want hassle-free!

  • Edit, print, download and share your docs as your search and retrieve!

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