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Organize documents like never before using dox2U’s Dockets

Create virtual collections of documents to organize them in a manner you are used to and track them with checklists!

file cabinet document management software
dms document management system

Your process, your collection!

Get an organized view of documents grouped together as per your business processes like Customer Records, Purchase Transactions, Sales Transactions etc. The convenience is unmatched!


Organize documents the way you prefer

Create customized collections of documents (aka Dockets) that can be molded to fit your business needs. Group documents together using common identifiers and the types of documents you wish to collate.

online document management system
dms document management system

No document goes missing

Track the health of your process-related documentation using the checklists built into Dockets, which give you a snapshot of the information that is incomplete or missing. Tracking your documents has never been easier!


Breaking down info Silos

You can link documents to your Docket from within your dox2U Workspace or use dox2U’s API Integrations to automate the addition of documents from your existing ERPs / CRMs or other solutions.

online document management system

It is simple!


Create templates

Create multiple templates with the relevant types of documents you want in your Docket (Invoice, Shipping Bill, QC Records, etc)


Create new Docket

Create a new Docket using any template with a Unique ID of your choice, which works as the common identifying parameter for grouping documents


Upload Documents

Upload documents directly to the Docket, link existing documents from your Workspace or send documents from your connected system using our Integrations


Identify the missing

Get a snapshot of documents already in your Docket and identify those missing from your defined collection


Get organized with Dockets!