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Deep Search

Introducing our sharp edge, precise search technology

dox2U facilitates seamless work on both text and image-based documents.

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Why Deep Search is NOT just another Search functionality.

Not all DMSs provide a search that’s smart, convenient, and quick. Here’s why!

Content is the new parameter

With Deep Search, you can easily search and get to a document even by searching the smallest bits of content that it contains! Smart, isn’t it?

We don’t create virtual walls

Unlike a lot of other repositories and DMSs, dox2U does not create silos. No need to visit folders after folders to reach your document. Convenient, indeed.

dox2U's deep search delivers intelligent document retrieval

There is a reason as to why the nomenclature of this feature has been the way it is.


Not entitled to titles only!

dox2U’s Deep Search takes you one step further in the process of document retrieval

The titles of a document are no longer a mandatory search parameter. We got a bunch of them!

Search for the smallest bits of content included in your doc, and retrieve the right one at your fingertips.

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dox2U’s Deep Search comes loaded with a multitude of retrieval filters making search easy and convenient.

Filter it out!

Streamline your document retrieval process by adopting dox2U’s smart search filters.

With advanced filters, you get to seep through an assortment of documents seamlessly!

Filter through all the documents and fetch the ones you need in a matter of seconds!


Sort things out like a pro!

Prioritize which document do you want to see first as you sort them by date, time, content or title.

This is especially useful when Deep Search retrieves multiple documents with similar underlying content.

With multiple view options, get your documents sorted the way you prefer to see them.

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